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From our experiences as both venture capital and private equity investors, we have helped both early and later-stage companies succeed and generate real value for owners.  When we hear the following, we can help companies improve their operations and grow their businesses:

For performance related issues, owners typically tell us they:

  • Are not satisfied with the way their business operates and want to make more money
  • Want to make changes, but are uncertain about what to do, or even how to start
  • Know what changes need to be made, but do not have the time, expertise, or the staff to do so

For ownership transition issues, owners typically tell us they:

  • Are looking to sell the company in the near future and want to increase profits so as to get the highest price at sale
  • May be looking to become absentee owners, and need a plan to transition out of day-to-day responsibility and transfer operations to a new management team, all while ensuring the business thrives
  • May look to transition ownership to the next generation family members, but are unsure how to implement this without creating uncertainty, stress, miscommunication, and distrust

With early stage companies, we have helped them develop unique products or services, create a focused strategy, implement that strategy, adjust as the marketplace requires, and raise the funds needed for accelerated growth.  With later-stage situations, we have assisted companies with strategies to grow organically as well as through acquisition, all with the purpose of strengthening market share, creating a defensible brand, decreasing costs, and increasing value. We have experience focusing a business on its most profitable prospects, cutting unnecessary costs, and moving quickly to seize opportunities and eliminate roadblocks.  In all cases, our approach is to strengthen a company's market position because we look to create some combination of strong market share, high margins, proprietary designs or processes, a solid operating team, and geographic presence.

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