We Identify Real Problems and Opportunities

Symptoms are Easy to Uncover; Solving the Underlying Problems is Key

Many companies can identify symptoms that relate to problems, but may not understand the underlying problem or the cause of that problem.  If you are experiencing any or all of the following symptoms, consider contacting us for a complimentary consult to determine what the real problems, and solutions are.

Flat or declining sales

    • Decline in requests for bids
    • Sales team slow to generate quotes

Ongoing pressure to cut prices

    • Customers continually push for price breaks
    • Customers finding alternative suppliers

Flat or decreasing profit

    • Shrinking average order quantities
    • Quality issues

Need for new products or services

    • Customers purchasing more from the competition
    • Lack of new product development

Competitors are increasing market share

    • Competitor products seem to be better or lower priced
    • Sales team not closing sales at the same rate as in the past

Production bottlenecks

    • On-time deliveries keep slipping
    • Lead-time is increasing

Quality control issues

    • Product returns are increasing
    • Scrap rates are increasing

Accounts Receivable balances are too large

    • Taking longer to collect receivables
    • Sales disputes are increasing

Suppliers are becoming inflexible and unresponsive

    • Suppliers are changing payment terms
    • Materials are not being delivered when needed

Staffing issues

  • Weak or incomplete management team
  • Aging workforce


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