people meeting | Burnham Capital Partners

Who We Are

Burnham Capital is a team of skilled business operators and investors who help companies generate more profit.  We work with companies that generate between $1 – $50 million in revenue, located within 200 miles of downtown Chicago.

What We Do

These can be profitable or unprofitable companies.  But in all cases the owners now realize they need to perform better compared to their competition.  These companies typically need help with issues such as:


  • Moderate or declining sales growth
  • Decreasing profits
  • Cash flow shortages
  • Operating margin issues
  • Sales team incentives
  • Employee issues
  • Competitive issues

How We Do It

We work with companies to develop a strategy to address:


  • A clear vision of the future
  • Management team gaps
  • Internal communication issues
  • Employee training/retention/compensation
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Marketplace changes
  • Accounts Receivable collections
  • Bank issues
  • Advisory Board and good governance issues