Burnham Capital Partners  

December 2009 Burnham Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the formation of a new acquisition vehicle Titan Tool Works LLC which has purchased the assets of Quadra Ltd.

About Titan Tool Works LLC

Titan is the successor entity to Quadra Ltd., a custom fabrication and machine shop focused on steel and stainless steel parts for USDA equipment, as well as custom parts for the specialty, electronic, and medical equipment manufacturing segment.  In business since 1972, Quadra has evolved into a well regarded, quality precision manufacturing company with industry-leading capabilities in CNC Machining and Fabrication. www.quadraltd.com

About Burnham Capital Partners, LLC

Burnham is a private equity fund composed of a team of skilled investors and operators, with a focus on purchasing companies that seek to re-energize themselves after experiencing adverse changes such as management shifts, market adjustments, and other challenging situations.  Burnham focuses on working with existing management to grow and expand businesses that have been unable to reach their operating goals. www.burnhamcapital.com